Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feed the Heights Manifesto

For too long, the Heights has been negligent in providing its residents (and surrounding city) with good quality dining options. This blog is my open attempt to influence the restaurant scene in the Heights.

Part of the problem with the Heights as a restaurant destination is its status as a dry neighborhood. Typically, restaurants make a significant percentage of their profits on booze. No booze = no profit. Hogwash. Other cities (like Philadelphia and Chicago) have more BYOB places and prove it can be done.

On the upper end, the opening of Textile and the recent of Rainbow Lodge prove that the Heights is improving. Bedford, the Glass Wall, and Shade only strengthen the argument that the fine dining establishments can not only make it in the Heights, they can thrive. Shade has been turning out top quality fare for years.

Houston is filled with great, moderately priced restaurants, a segment that is woefully underrepresented in the Heights. That’s where we all come in. The more types of restaurants that succeed, the more we have a case for filling in the gaps. We must celebrate, praise and support those establishments that get things RIGHT. Conversely, we must fairly criticize establishments that insult us (overtly or covertly), lack vision, or lack a simple business plan. For too long, our culinary options have been diluted by individuals and corporations that attempt to satisfy the lowest common denominator. We can do better. We must do better. Feed the Heights, we’re hungry!

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