Monday, March 23, 2009

Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe (Breakfast)

Sometime last week, one of the Houston Chowhounds asked on Twitter: If you had to pick one Tex Mex restaurant in Houston for one night, which would it be? I answered the original Ninfas on Navigation, but Café Teotihuacan was my 1a.

Much has been written about Teotihuacan (or ta-HOO’-a-HOO’-a as we lovingly call it) that it almost seems redundant to mention. The corn tortillas, the bargain parilladas… all are worth the attention they have received.

9 out of 10 times I find myself at Teotihuacan, it is breakfast time. In fact, last September, just 14 short hours before Hurricane Ike would strike, there we were. Teotihuacan was eerily quiet that morning, not surprising as it wasn't a Kroger with its shelves picked clean or I-45 to Dallas. The world was about to end, and I wanted me some eggs and corn tortillas!

Oh man those corn tortillas rock the house, and this just in, they go just as well with their breakfast dishes. For some reason I have yet to figure out, breakfast at Teotihuacan doesn’t get any press. The prices are ridiculously low and the portion sizes have returned (thankfully!) to their previously unmanageable size. For the last year or so, I have noticed some subtle changes for the worse: prices have inched slightly higher, the dining room (and outside seating areas) has become more crowded, portion sizes and quality was down. Last Saturday, I was glad to see a return to form.

"Dear corn tortilla, I love you."

Service can be an issue, which might explain the drop in quality. Hopefully the major issues have been recently addressed, but you should be advised that the service can be curt and the wait for food can seem unusually long. Make sure to ask for the red salsa before your breakfast arrives, or you may be consuming lukewarm eggs several minutes later.

Bonus: For those looking for a more authentic experience, Teotihuacan also serves Menudo for breakfast.


1511 Airline Dr
(713) 426-4420‎
8AM-10PM 7 Days


  1. i love me some teotihuacan breakfast, but sometimes i have a hard time getting out of bed early enough to catch it. btw, my friends call it "the pink place."

    awesome blog theo!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation of the parillada (numero uno) Friday night with corn tortillas. That really was good and I think Tracy is now once again a fan of teothuihuihuican.

  3. I love Teo! It was the first place I ate on moving to Houston (and the Heights) and I have been a regular ever since. Love the salsa verde, and the take-out!

  4. While I love Teo's prices, the service and food quality can be WAY below par. I'd rather head over to Spanish Flowers any day.

    But if I'm already on Airline anyway and in the mood for reasonably priced Italian food, I thoroughly enjoy Sweet Temptation (BYOB), which is practically across the street from Teotihuacan.

    The owners (who are also the waitstaff/chef/cleaning crew, so be patient) will proudly tell you their story of how they went from busboys to restaurateurs with their life savings. And when they have cannelloni, you really shouldn't miss it.

  5. Sweet Temptation post is coming.

    As for Spanish Flowers, I've had breakfast and a really really late night meal there and was less than impressed both times, although I must commend them for being open all night. Perhaps another visit is in order.

  6. Most comments i have read are very assuming in terms of portion. It could be a new cook or lazy managment not watching. The best way to clasify a change in portion would be to say it's inconsistant. Unless of course you have meet witht he owner and he/she gives you factual info about a change. I like Teo, service needs help and food can be above average but it seams they need more attiontion to detail.