Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Booze Find: Wild Turkey Rye

I love the cocktail program they have at Anvil, but rarely get a chance to drop by (especially during the week). Rye whiskey is one of the most significant spirits in classic cocktails, and the Fiesta Liquor on Shepherd and 610 has it for $17.99. For comparison, Specs lists the Wild Turkey Rye for $23.96.

I've also made my own Sazeracs with Old Overholt and Rittenhouse 80, and the Wild Turkey is definitely the superior rye for mixing. Great price and super convenient, although you'll probably have to go elsewhere for the Peychaud's bitters.


  1. Wild Turkey Rye makes the best Manahattan's. Glad to know I can find it six bucks cheaper.

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