Monday, April 6, 2009

Beer/Wine Find: Screw Kappa Napa

Apparently it's going to drop into the 30s here tonight (remember those pets and plants!), so I'm thinking we're going to stay in and make a good beef stew with a hearty red wine to celebrate the last use of central heat for the season.

I picked up this bottle at Roma's Liquor (1531 W 18th St.) for $11.99. Roma's is much better than I expected, and certainly has a much better wine selection than Fiesta. As for the screw cap, don't be a hater!

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  1. Actually, a screw cap is all the rage in winerys now. Apparently corks go bad, get moldy, don't seal properly and are expensive, so many vineyards are fighting back with sanitary, always sealed screw caps. Move over Boone's Farm Apple!