Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chilosos Taco House

The discussion on Twitter today seems to be about breakfast tacos, so now seems like the appropriate time to mention Chilosos.

Chilosos sits in a converted bungalow on the north side of 20th Street. The space is warm and welcoming, although the ordering process is a bit convoluted. I would recommend going in with a plan: just order what looks good at the steamtable.

The breakfast tacos are enormous and priced ridiculously low. One taco is large enough for a meal, but be advised that any and all additions (save the green or red salsa) will cost you extra. Doctoring your tacos with cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, cilantro, or guacamole will quickly send the price per taco way above the original price. Breakfast tacos come in six varieties, with egg and chorizo, egg and bacon, and egg and potatoes as the best varieties. The flour tortillas are homemade; large in size and strong enough to hold the contents, yet light in texture.

Chilosos has the best flour tortillas that I've tasted in Houston. With Teotihuacan and their corn tortillas just a few short blocks away, it appears that this small area of Houston has both sides of the tortilla market covered. Is this a wonderful town or what?

I've heard others talk about how the tortillas at Lupe Tortilla are the best. Interesting how both Chilosos and Lupe serve tortillas the size of hubcaps, although the ones at Lupe are much larger. Is there something about flour tortillas where bigger means better?


  1. I've never had the flour tortillas at Chilosos (closed on Mondays?) but until I do, I will rank the Lupe version as my favorite. The size of the Lupe tortilla comes in nicely when throwing together a fajita, but I like the taste, consistency, etc more than I care about the size.

  2. I agree with Neal - the taste and consistency is what I like about L.T. - they are thin, not too doughy like some tortillas and in my opinion WAY TOO LARGE for anything, so I just tear it into pieces and wrap whatever I'm eating in bite size mini tacos/wraps/etc.

  3. I live in the Heights and definitely want it to thrive, but IMO Chiloso’s is average on their best day. There food is just ok and sometimes not very good. The debacle that is their ordering process is not worth it. I’ve given them 3 trips and subsequently 3 strikes.

    As for the tortillas, I do agree they are very good. Have you tried the tortillas from El Bolillo on Airline? The best in town by far!

  4. Cynthia,

    Neal and I made it up to Chilosos for lunch and it was a letdown, especially after the breakfast tacos from a few days before. After, we hit Sylvias taco truck behind Canino's on Airline. Much better.

    A report on El Bolilo is coming soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. who cares about the order process PLEASE !!!! JUST ORDER IT and again I would never never go to any truck tacos they never wash their hands and besides that the comfort of chilosos is priceless and great great food.
    about bolillos hope they dont try to copy chilosos it would be very obvious now everybody wants to sell tacos but guess what chilosos has the best atmosfere and people around NOT TO MENTION THE BEST VALUE IN THESE HARD TIMES !!

  6. I really like the breakfast tacos at Chilosos. Whenever friends come in town, that's where we head for breakfast tacos. And Lupe's has good tortillas, but Chilosos has some of the best 'harina' around...

    I agree that the order process could use some fixing; I don't understand what takes so long sometimes.

  7. I live down the street from Chilosos. While the food is decent, the ordering process is very disorganized. No one seems to know what's going on. I made a few trips for breakfast tacos and loved it but have always complained about the service, the last time I was there, I ordered breakfast tacos to go. I got home and the eggs were missing on the Tacos. I went back to the restaurant and told them about the missing eggs and the attitude I got about complaining was atrocious. I will never go back there, I don't care how good their food is.