Friday, May 8, 2009

Antidote Coffee

My Waldo's Coffee post got a lot of comments, mostly from those recommending Antidote. Hey, I'll take requests! Especially when we're talking about coffee.

My first visit to Antidote was last summer during the White Linen Nights festivities. We enjoyed listening to a truly outrageous band, complete with banjo, trash cans and coffee can string instruments. I clearly remember that it was a typical steamy night, so I ended up with a cold beer inside with the air conditioning. Coffee was probably the last thing on my mind.

This past weekend, we made a return visit and got to experience a more relaxed Antidote. We ordered an espresso and a Cajeta latte. The espresso had good acidity, but not enough body. The latte was extremely good. Served with skim milk, the latte still had great richness and flavor. Antidote serves a wide assortment of breakfast pastries, almost to a fault. There are at least 10 different croissants, muffins, and other varities of baked goods, none of which are labled. It was obvious to us that we were holding up the line of regulars who just wanted to get their caffeine on. We quickly ordered a chocolate croissant and turkey croissant.

Cajeta latte, right

Seating was adequate, although the free wi-fi attracts single campers who occupied every two seater table inside. We found a picnic table by the parking lot with a good view of the Civic Hybrids and Subarus.

We were quite pleased with Antidote. It's obvious that they've taken the good of Starbucks (comfortable seating and decent coffee) without any of the bad (focus group determined hip CDs for sale). The baked goods are also an improvement, although that's not really hard to do. We do wish the croissants had a more crispy than doughy texture. Although we still prefer Catalina for its no-nonsense superior coffee, Antidote would be a good addition to any neighborhood. The Heights is lucky to have it.


  1. So I'm looking for a place to do some work for say 2-4 hours, every once an a while. Do you think this has the right vibe for me to get some work done?

  2. I think so. It's not too loud and they have seating outside if it gets too rowdy. They have beers and are open until midnight. Sounds like a winner to me!

  3. Antidote is our local coffee shop, so we frequent it. People do crowd in and stay for long periods of time but if you know when the lull times are, it's easy to get a seat.

    Catalina does have slightly better drinks in my opinion (Antidote serves beer and wine though), though the staff is not as engaging.

  4. Antidote is also a neighborhood coffee shop for me. It's a good place to study (sorry, I may have been one of those laptop campers!) but I have to post a warning about the music. Music varies depending on who's working, and can be VERY distracting or VERY awesome depending on your taste!

  5. I like it but be in that location no, no (gas station) please,better go to another place and dont have to worry about bad people around that side of the heights