Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Taste of the Heights: Does Anyone Care?

I say this rather sarcastically, because OF COURSE I care.

I found a blog posting on the Chronicle's site which is riddled with errors. Did someone throw this together in 30 seconds? Items in bold are my emphasis to show obvious errors.

"Participating restaurants include Bedford, Berryhill, Carter Cooley's, Chatters, Collina's, Dacapo's, Dry Creek/Cedar Creek, Hickory Hollow, Houston, Tamales Factory, Kojak's Cafe, Max's Wine Dive, Molina's, Onion Creek, Pink's Pizza, Pizzitola's, Shade, Soma, Sushi, Spanish Flowers, Thai Spice and The Rainbow Lodge."

Perhaps the most egregious FAIL was the actual site for Great Taste of the Heights. On May 12, 2:13PM:Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.

Despite these blips, I'll be there this Saturday. It looks like an excellent opportunity to sample some of Houston's best restaurants, even if the press and twitter exposure has been lacking.


  1. This really needs more publicity. I can't believe I'm just finding out about it only a few days in advance and the website really isn't very helpful.

  2. Austin, the great taste of the heights is put on by All Saints Catholic Church. My guess is they don't have the resources (money or people) to widely publicize. I only know because I attend All Saints. They did have posters at the restaurants in the heights for about a month now.

  3. So what was everyones favorite tonight? My favorite was the Bedford Thai Mushroom Risotto, then the Soma Sushi seafood salad. I felt bad for Rainbow Lodge, with the huge puddle of water in front of their booth that I think was keeping people from going there. I luckily got one of the last pieces of italian cream cake before Da Capo ran out.

    I think the entire event was excellent. My kind of way to try out food. All the food was great.

  4. Jessica, I completely agree on the Bedford dish. See my Twitter feed post for my rundown on the event.